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Well established Print Management Software Systems that have been used by Print Management, Print Buying and Print Broker organisations across the UK for over 20 years, providing them with business information and improved operational efficiency whilst minimising staff levels and costs. If you are involved in Print Management and wish to minimise administration yet assure maximum control ‘Optima2’ Print Management Software is for you.

The new Optima2 Print Management Software System boasts updates of facilities found within previous versions along with ease of use, state of the art interface and functionality affording a minimal learning curve for existing and new users.

Optima2 has something for all Print Management organisations; any type of job can be handled with ease including, personalised jobs, mailings, brochures, business stationery, promotional items, etc.  An industry-related and fully featured Stock, Invoicing and Cost Control systems provide efficiency and 'no re-key' links to your existing accounting system. Delivery and Proof Chase mechanisms also ensure customer satisfaction.

Overall management of job delivery, proofing, invoicing and cost control is simplified allowing you the time to concentrate on business growth and providing the ultimate Print Management service to your customers.

Optima2 Print Management Software System can assist with supplier selection and affords the user easy supplier price comparison. Enquiries are simply emailed or faxed to prospective suppliers for any nature of printed or and non-printed items which can be specified with ease.

Optima 2 affords users powerful search and reporting facilities along with CRM, Stock Control, Project Control and an optional On-line Customer interface Optima On-line, especially designed for Print Management organisations and Print Buyers.

Customer ‘Quotations’ are automatically compiled in clear and precise letter style format and may be printed, emailed, faxed or exported as required; Spell Check and ‘Word’ like facilities ensures a professional and visually pleasing layout for all documents which are automatically formatted depending upon the ‘Job’ specification.

When quotations, orders, order acknowledgements, invoices etc. are emailed or printed; document print preview facilities afford you a final check prior to transmission. Text edit facilities offer full rich text document output along with Spell Check during text compilation or editing.

Following acceptance of your quotation converting the job to an ‘Order’ is a matter of simply changing the job status. At this point ‘Order’ documents and ‘Order Acknowledgements’ are automatically emailed faxed or printed as required; optionally Box Labels, Delivery Notes etc. may also be output assuring professional and complete document services from your Optima 2 Print Management Software.

Optima2 Stock

Optima2 Print Management Software System provides users with the most versatile Print Management Stock Control System available; features include: multiple warehouses, easy to use call-off mechanisms very versatile charging and pricing methods. Full movement history details and audit trail afford accurate reporting even historic movements and stock levels may be reported upon; enabling reports to be produced for your clients in line with their exacting needs; an optional on-line interface for your clients via Optima On-line offers customer ease and powerful facilities; click the Optima On-line link for more details.

The ability to charge per call-off, per Item, or consolidate all charges at the end of each week, month etc. ensures you are able to offer your clients charging flexibility second to none in the industry.

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Download an in depth pdf of Optima 2 features:

PDF Print Management Software 'Print & Deliver' features

PDF Print Management Software 'Stock System' features

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Optima 2 Print Management Software System, CRM, Email Marketing and Audit Trails

Optima2 Print Management Software saves an image copy of all relevant documents which is automatically attached as a CRM communication, thus affording a full audit and sales CRM trail via Optima2s powerful Search, Browse and Reporting facilities. This along with manual document attachment capabilities shown below is available for all users and ensures all relevant communication information is at hand should a customer query need resolution thereby providing greater customer satisfaction and improving business relationships.

The ability to manually attach any document type or file to a ‘CRM Communication’ or ‘Job Communication’ record provides Optima2 Print Management Software System users with a unique facility, which can be used for copies of PDF Proofs, Word documents, Spreadsheets, ad-hoc emails etc. This provides a full communication history within the job for later review, and can also be viewed from within either the 'Job' itself or CRM area.

Optima2 Print Management Software has a unique inbuilt ‘Job’ audit trail systems which records all appropriate job activity to ensure total control of purchases, changes to specifications, extra charges, extra costs etc.

From within the CRM area of Optima2 CRM facilities include sales communications, task scheduling, campaigns, projects, along with proofing and job delivery control mechanisms ensuring proofs and deliveries are timely in order to improve overall customer satisfaction.

The addition of Email Marketing facilities further enhances the Optima2 Print Management Software System affording your organisation fully featured on-line email marketing facilities to ensure that you are in control of your email marketing campaigns. Data Synchronisation and links to the Email Marketing system provides Email Marketing tools that will assist in promoting your organisation whilst affording you Email Marketing statistics and on-screen reports and facilities. Refer to our Email Marketing product pages for more details.

Optima2 Print Management Software can be further enhanced via our Virtual Server solutions which offer many advantages over standard file server installations including affording Apple Mac users the ability to use Optima2, mobile connections, accessibility from anywhere and at any time; all you need is an internet connection. You can also reduce your capital investment in physical hardware, software and network infrastructure whilst greatly improving security, resilience and data integrity far beyond that of standard file server installations. Refer to our Virtual Server solutions product pages for more details.

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